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For all of your stage production needs

Current Positions:
-Senior Stage Manager, Magic Castle
-Live Stream Manager, St Matthew's Parish
-Technical Director - Pauly Shore's "Stick With there Dancing"


"Stage Manager/Graphic Design/Production Design/Sound Design guru David Svengalis is always a joy to witness because everything goes right and you can forget his work and enjoy the show."

               - William Hagle, Hollywood Times


"An often overlooked ‘hero’ of the Whitefire Theatre company, is that the entire evening is technically run and graphically designed by David Svengalis - who creates all the imagery seen throughout the whole evening, controls the ambiance with music and sound and sets the moods with the subtly of lighting design. Always invisible behind the scenes, David always shines, shimmers or ‘squeaks’ upfront and on stage!"  - Lorenzo Marchessi, Geek Authority


"Fine stage work enhances the production...particularly David Svengalis’ atmospheric sound/video work."

           -Review for Stella's Last J-Date, Mary Mallory, Tolucan Times

"David Svengalis was (and still is) a GOD-SEND to the running of my multi-media show. With his theatrical background and keen eye he was the tipping point that helped me have a smooth and successful engagement at the Whitefire Theater.  If you want a firing-on-all cylinders performance, then have David run tech for your next theater/solo show performances! He's THAT good!"

               -Peter Fogel, Actor - Author  Til Death Do Us Part The Play | A Comedy For Hopeless Romantics 

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